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Contenido del capítulo

Los editores agradecen el apoyo de:


Harriet Lebowitz

Senior Project Development Editor McGraw-Hill Education

Laura Libretti

Administrative Assistant McGraw-Hill Education

Bryan Mott, PhD

Consulting Medicinal Chemist

Nelda Murri, PharmD, MBA

Consulting Pharmacist

Christie Naglieri

Senior Project Development Editor McGraw-Hill Education

Joseph K. Prinsen, DO, PhD

Jason D. Morrow Chief Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

David Aaron Rice

Administrative Assistant University of California, San Diego

James F. Shanahan

Publisher, Medical Textbooks McGraw-Hill Education

Vastavikta Sharma

Lead Project Manager Cenveo Publisher Services

Roberto Tinoco, PhD

Research Assistant Professor Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

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