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Contenido del capítulo

Extendemos un agradecimiento a los siguientes revisores:


Suzanne Elizabeth Ames, MD

Associate Professor

Program Director, Orthopedic Residency Program

University of Vermont College of Medicine

Burlington, Vermont


Angela M. Bell, MD, FACP

Internist; Sports Medicine Specialist

Private Practice

Chicago, Illinois


Robert K. Cato, MD, FACP

Chief, Division of General Medicine

Medical Director, Penn Center for Primary Care

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Lisa Miura, MD, FACP

Assistant Professor

Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine

General Internal Medicine

VA Portland Health Care System

Portland, Oregon


Balu Natarajan, MD

Private Practice

Chicago Primary Care Sports Medicine

Chicago, Illinois


C. Christopher Smith, MD, FACP

Associate Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston, Massachusetts


M. E. Beth Smith, DO

Associate Professor of Medicine

Health Promotion and Sports Medicine

Oregon Health and Science University

Portland, Oregon

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